Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Summer Fun

We had a really fun summer. I will let the pictures do most of the telling. Note: some of the picture are out of order. Girls camp and a few Scouting trips our missing from the line. 

 Gum wall in Seattle- We had to look for ten minutes to find gum to put on it.

 Davis County Fair- The kids enjoy the petting Zoo, riding the horses, elephants, horse races.

 Fractured Prune's in St. George- Cold Stone for Dounts

 Splash pad in St. George

 Children's Museum in St. George- We spent three hours here, and the kids did not go willing

 Flying planes

 Putting on a play

 cooking with oven mitts

  First day of Preschool

 Boating with cousins in Washington

We went to Seattle to visit some friends, and for Ryan to go to PAX's. We drove to Boise and spent the night with Ryan sister.  On to Washington to visit Ba brother for the day.  And the last few hours to Seattle.  We had a great time, hiking, site seeing, going on a boat ride, Ferris wheel, seeing the boat locks, and fish ladders.

Sight seeing can be hard work

Ry family trip. McCall Idaho
Berry picking, Bean couldn't stop eating the huckleberries 

Hiking with cousins is so much fun.

Tour of the smoke jumpers

 L.E. loves to pose for the camera

The Lake Reunion at the LL Ranch in Idaho
Kid craft making these cool Bow and arrows

Bean turned TWO!!! He loves balls, trucks, swimming, the sandbox, teasing L.E., reading books, throwing, and hitting things. We sure do love having him around.

I forgot to say the Bean loves law mowers, He will go in our backpacking pack while we mow.  He pushed this one around for about an hour.

Boys will be boys. About to go paint balling

Cute Sixlets (7)

When we were packing for the lake reunion I told L.E. we had to pack.  She asked if I could make her a list.

Bountiful 24 of July fun

Ry made this rocket for a mid night ride on Antelope Island, he won second place for the costume. And he wore it all 24 miles.

4th of July Willeitner fun

 Relay with Willeitner Family
It was cold! The night before was windy, rain, and then snow.

Ba had her first bike race; it was a women relay team from Pineview to Heber valley.
This picture was after I finished my first leg. My chain had fallen off twice on a big hill

Memorial Day Camping.  Lets just say we didn't sleep much

L.E. had a fun butterfly dance

End of year graduation with our neighborhood preschool girls. We sure do miss them this year. 

When we moved into our house the city cut down a big tree in our backyard and left the roots. Ry and I dug up the roots and planted our "grandpa tree" in its place.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Since our sweet LE hand a birthday day a few months ago, we will feature her today.  

She was so excited to get a booster, 

This is her going to the dentist for the first time.  She held still very well, and was even given a good review

Warning:  This next picture is not for those of you who have a weak stomach. We had some friends over for Sunday dinner, LE and her friend were playing in the playroom when we heard some crying.  LE come down saying she was bleeding, when she turned around she had blood all down her hair, on her clothes, blanket, ect.  We rushed her up stairs to see to take care of the cute.  At first we thought it was a big cute, but after washing her hair the cute was not too big.  We debated taking her in, but since the cute was wide, and our doctor has a 24 hour clinic we took her in.   

She ended up getting a staple,


For Valentines Day we took a little trip up to Midway with family, to see Elisa's ice castle.  It was fun swimming in the pool and playing with cousins.  Ba thought it was fun, but the kids were cold and wet.

For LE birthday she wanted a ballerina party.  We had all the kids dress up, play pin the tutu on the ballerina, decorated star wands, cake cup cakes, and the high light was having our neighbor come teach some ballerina steps.  The girls loved it (the one boy how come took pictures for us).

LE was sick the after her party and was sick for about five days, no not feeling well on your birthday.  Especial when you have been looking forward to it since the day after Christmas.  Her new bike

 What little girl/ kid doesn't love Frozen, LE watch so trailers I could tell you what the whole movie was about. She was thrilled and was not disappointed.